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Accredited Adult Counsellor & Psychotherapist. Offering Private Online, Telephone Sessions, & Tailored EAP’ Sessions.

How Selah Counselling Services Can Help.

Helping people with a wide range of issues including anger, anxiety, bereavement including all types of pregnancy loss, baby & child bereavement, depression, dissociation, fear, other loss such as job or relationship loss, low self-esteem, OCD, panic attacks, shame, stress, suicidal thoughts, trauma including childhood trauma, PTSD, Complex PTSD & much more.

An emotional roller coaster is how many people describe some periods of their life’s. The ups, downs, twists & turns can often be isolating, disorientating & unnerving. It’s for these reasons many people seek the help of a counsellor or therapist.

Talking to a therapist like myself who can offer a non-judgmental listening ear, in a supportive, safe & confidential place gives people the space to explore their feelings & improve their mental health & general wellbeing.

Do you feel like you’re on a roller coaster & struggling to find a way off? Would you find it helpful to have an experienced professional to help you navigate life’s difficulties?

If the answer is yes, then embarking in a supportive therapeutic relationship where we can talk things though with no judgment, can help you navigate the tough stuff as a team thus helping you feel less isolated & overwhelmed.

Often our greatest weapon is knowledge, & sometimes exploring why we feel & act the way we do can lead to greater understanding of ourselves. It is with this greater understanding you can utilise new tools that you will learn in therapy to adjust & look forward to a happier you. I have seen many people harness their newfound strength and resourcefulness to move forward.

Lindsay Bailey

The Ways We Can Talk

Selah Counselling services are available to you via the following methods.






Why choose online face to face or telephone sessions over more traditional in person sessions?

Because of covid more & more people have discovered the benefits of online or telephone counselling. We offer both options, we use Zoom for our face-to-face video sessions. We use zoom because the conversation is encrypted & confidentiality can be maintained. Plus, you don’t need the app to use zoom, you just click the link that is emailed to you & away you go.

The great thing about having counselling in this way is that it can fit in to your workday, you don’t have travel time to worry about. Your session could be over a lunch break for example, or rather than having to have a morning or afternoon off work you just find a quite & confidential stop in your building, not having to worry about the travelling. This actually makes your sessions more appealing to employee’s & you don’t loose out on a few hours wage.

Or maybe you can’t do any sessions until the evening, but can’t get childcare, or maybe you don’t have the use of a car. This way you can have sessions that work brilliantly around your timetable.

Or maybe you are looking after young children in the day & can’t make it to a in person session but can put them down for a nap or get a friend to watch them for an hour.

Whatever your situation these styles of sessions can be super flexible & make your therapy experience less stressful & work around you & your lifestyle.


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